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steve_kono's Journal

community for fans of H5-0 remake Steve McGarrett
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enjoy the com

Welcome to steve_kono, the community was made for fans of the hit show HAWAII FIVE 0 (THE REMAKE) and the CHARACTERS Lt Commander Steven "Steve" McGarrett(Alex O'loughlin) and Rookie Detective Kono Kalakaua(Grace Park). Its an open community so you can talk about the friendship between Steve and Kono even though some probably wont see their chemistry and to some who do you can post what ever you like about them from pictures, icons, and so etc..

read the rules

Just some simple rules to follow in the com.
01. NO BASHING: of steve/kono or the actors Alex O'Loughlin and Grace Park will not be tolerated, and posts will be deleted on the spot. So please keep out anything that does not relate to them here.

02. ALL POST MUST BE RELATED: to Steve and Kono, anything that does not have anything relating to them will be deleted unless asked to be deleted.

03. SOME EXCEPTION will be allowed if it has something to do with the actors works on the show like interview clips or articles and news about their show Hawaii five 0 or works outside the show.

04. PLEASE RESPECT: other people in the com and no bashing Alex,Grace or the characters they portray on the show.

05. TAGS have been added to help find entries more easily. Please tag your entries, if you dont you will get a reminder to tag them and if it does not I'll manually tag them for you only once.

06. IMAGES have to be behind a lj-cut but leave 3 preview images, for graphics same rules follow use the lj-cut so it does not flood peoples journals. If you do not know how to use the lj-cut just ask and it will be shown.

07. FRIENDS LOCK: will be used if asked about something others can answer.

08. DAILY DISCUSSION/SPAM POSTS might start getting posted depedning on the amount of people in the com and if they are interested in spam posts and daily discussion posts.

continued Rules info
continued info

09. FAN FICTION: all stories must be about Steve and or Kono any stories relating to other is allowed as long as it centers around both Steve and Kono.

Copy and paste in the post and fill out the info before posting your stories:

10. Don't link to locked posts outside of this community or disable or screen comments to your entries. If you post a link to a Locked post/journal it will be deleted since some might not want to have to join the com in order to see the posts.

11. PROMOTION are allowed unless it relates to steve/kono and or alex/grace and their show HAWAII FIVE0 only any promotion leading to outside the show or the characters/actors will be deleted and warned no promotion allowed.

12. PAGE A MOD will be added soon so you can contact me with any questions and if I find any one willing to help.



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